Our Expertise

Legal advisory services provided by the Law Firm Skarbiec might consist of the following activities: legal consultations, issuing legal opinions, drafting contracts and court representation.

In particular, the Law Firm Skarbiec is focused on:

  1. providing foreign clients with help in establishing permanent business presence in Poland;
  2. company formation in Poland and in offshore countries;
  3. ongoing legal support in current matters for companies;
  4. receivables collection;
  5. legal assistance in mergers and acquisitions of business ventures;
  6. protection of assets;
  7. „White Collar Crimes” liability;
  8. conducting business investigations and forensic services;
  9. legal assistance with regard to bankruptcy proceedings;
  10. trustee services.

The Law Firm Skarbiec is not afraid of difficult and unusual matters which require innovative solutions. Our activity is directed to effective problem solution, rather than on „managing” problem and our goal is to provide clients with easy answers to complicated questions.

The Law Firm Skarbiec works within the Skarbiec Holding – an international network of companies, which aim is to provide its clients with comprehensive legal assistance in relation to economic activity.

The services provided by Skarbiec consist of legal and tax advice, asset management, legal transaction assistance, mergers and acquisitions, obtaining financing, strategic financial advice and restructuring of entrepreneurs. Skarbiec Holding conducts also publishing activities aimed at providing entrepreneurs with information concerning business activity.

The members Skarbiec Holding are connected with the right to use their common know-how, domain name Skarbiec and „Skarbiec” brand.

DISCLAIMER: The material you read on this site has been prepared and/or edited by Skarbiec Law Office for information purposes only. This information should not be construed as legal advice and it is not necessarily current or complete. Receipt of this information does not create an attorney-client relationship.