Skarbiec Law Firm


Law Office „Skarbiec” represents foreign companies seeking to invest and participate in Polish market. We can offer you practical, prudent advice on just about any legal problem you may face dealing with Polish business entities or authorities.

We assist foreign companies in complying with state and local laws, and treaties to which Poland is a party, including Polish tax law, commercial law, labour law and administrative law.

Easy answers for complex questions

Skarbiec is not just a law office.

We are not afraid of unusual and difficult cases for which innovative solutions are required. The focus of our activity is not „managing problems” but rather solving them. We aim to provide you with simple, understandable answers for the most complex questions.

Effective solutions

Our service is aimed at providing entrepreneurs with effective solution to their legal problems and offering legal support in the normal course of business. Our philosophy is based on an assumption that the worth of consulting service for the client is not measured in  the number of memorandums, letters, meetings or study groups but rather with the number of problems solved.

When the client finds a business opportunity we would like to be the ones who provide the answer how to make it happen.

We search for innovation

Our clients can count on our lawyers spending time adequate to their needs. We don’t do mechanical changes to already prepared standard documents, because a law office should not be an automatic factory.

Our style of work is more similar to an old manufacture, where it is possible to exercise supervision on each created document and focus on quality, search for creative and innovative solutions.

This allows us to accept even the most unconventional matters.

We provide you with simple answers to complex questions

The main problem of most expert advice available on the market relates to their partial character which results in their practical application being substantially reduced. Skarbiec Law Office is a part of the Skarbiec trademark group, thus it is able to offer comprehensive advice which combines legal advisory services with investment consulting, transaction  and expert advice supporting the managing and strategic decision.

Forms of cooperation

We offer cooperation based on standing order model with monthly lump sum fees, as well as the comprehensive service of particular legal issues.

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